Frank Vega is a Creative Designer and Maker who helps schools, businesses and individuals to reach their goals and needs via creative thinking and the use of advanced digital design and prototyping.
Before pursuing a career as Footwear & Accessories Designer, in the U.S. Frank worked five years as a Graphics, Brand and Packaging Designer for licensed and private label accessory companies, three years as a Application Instructor teaching the Adobe Suite Collection and, in Puerto Rico he had the opportunity to brand restaurants and others businesses. In 2011, he founded Manhattan Screen Print , allowing him to assist corporations such as DramaFever, Oppenheimer Funds and Hugo Boss to mention a few doing Live Screen Print events at the J. Javits Center and Staple Sport Center in L.A. After a successful career helping corporations, entrepreneurial start ups, designers, restaurants, non-profits, churches, Frank now trains, assist and advises them on how to best approach their needs with a streamed lined solution.
As a child Frank enjoyed puzzles, scaled model assembly and crayon coloring.
Frank is available for your graphic, screen print, footwear and accessories design projects and private consultations.
You can reach Frank at 917-908-2880 or

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